Denver in 48 Hours: Your Ultimate Weekend Guide with Air Canada Airlines

Filled with scenic parks and boulevards, innumerable tourist attractions, biking/hiking trails, Denver is an important contender in the list of must-visits in the United States. If you are planning a short holiday somewhere it sure sits in the bucket list of every travel enthusiast.
In Case, you are planning to visit Denver, here is a guide to touring this city just in a span of 48 hours.

Trust us when we say it is not all difficult to make the most of it around Denver in a short span of time. All you have got to do is to follow this itinerary like a sacred text. We have covered all starting from where to eat, stay and play in this Mile High City. Read on to find out:

Day 1:

Rosenberg’s Bagels & Delicatessen is the place where you can live your dream of having Bagels for breakfast in Denver. Visit early in the morning start your day with their chewy and freshly baked NYC style bagels. Do not forget to try out the Green Chile Cream Cheese and the Heebster which is a sandwich served with sides of Whitefish Salad.

When you are done, walk for 30 minutes if you are a bit of a fitness enthusiast or take a cab - if you may like so to reach at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science next. The place has some really thrilling exhibits that are sure to keep the young and the old engrossed alike.

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By this time you will be ready to visit the lush greenery of the Denver Botanic Garden. Soak yourself in the serenity of this place as you stroll past all kinds of plants as well as flowers. Take your time here and catch hold of you and celebrate whatever you have achieved in life till now.
Check in at the Machete Tequila + Tacos next to gorge on some savory tacos for lunch with incredible stuffing such as squid ink and hibiscus. Don’t forget your Tequila shots though.

You can visit the Fifty - two 80s which is an antique store for all things pops from the 80s. Ready to be fascinated by the vibe of this place as you travel back in time as you spent a beautiful evening in Denver.

For Dinner, some of the widely preferred ones are Rioja - a Mediterranean restaurant or The Crimson which is a chic bar and lounge with Jazz concerts (only on weekends).

By now you will be done to head back to the base and call it a day. Have a good night’s sleep as you prepare yourself for the next day.
Day 2:

Rise and Shine conqueror! Get ready to visit the Sunny’s located at the W. 44th Ave. Grab a cuppa coffee.

Your next destination should be the Buckhorn Exchange which is famous for serving some exotic things on their menu. If you are a brave heart, try out their dishes including Rattlesnakes or Alligators. However, you need not fret as they do serve things that you are normally used to eating such as Beef Steak.
Visit the Denver Art Museum to explore from 70,000 pieces of artwork that are exhibited here from across the globe. You will get to see a lot of Indian American art pieces - just what the museum is known for.

By the evening, you can head to Avanti Food and Beverage knew for its modern street food inspired by the European markets. You can alternatively head on to linger which is known for its rather ethnic eats. Gorge on anything right from fried chicken to a masala dosa.
Contact us at Air Canada Airlines Phone Number +1 888 263 2953 Toll-Free and it a day in this city a mile above the sea level (now you know why they call Denver a Mile High City) by visiting the Tivoli Beer Company and sipping on some deliciously crafted beer.